At a 2010 leadership conference in Las Vegas 97% of the people in attendance revealed they needed to invite one or more employees to be successful elsewhere.  Many of those 97% still haven’t acted on what they know to be true and they are paying for it still.

As I write this blog article, a client in Australia revealed they were ready to encourage a long under-performing store manager to be successful elsewhere.  Uh, finally!  In my humble opinion that should have happened 5 months ago, but as most of often to, they tried to make it work.  It didn’t.

Tough decisions require action now.  Are you up to it?  It’s never easy repositioning a wayward employees thinking. In fact, you may have thought that you’ve earned a medal by keeping employees (underperforming as they may be!) way beyond their usefulness.  Let me just say this:  It’s not worth it!

Apply it now: Who do you need to fire or reassign? Who do you need to tune up now?  John Maxwell’s the Law of the Lid, states, “Leadership Ability Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness”. The lid on your leadership must be raised to increase your leadership ability and influence. One of the ways to raise the lid blocking your leadership is to develop a leadership bias instead of a manager bias.” In other words lead your way out of the mess.  Don’t be afraid to make the tough decision based on evidence of fact. Then act on it!


I hope you have enjoyed all five blog submissions on the 5 Critical Indicators a Leader must have to lead effectively. Remember to master your story so much that it becomes your guiding light for decisions you make. Build a funnel that results in hiring the right employees making it possible to listen to the right ones when important decisions arose. Learn and memorize your elevator pitch and be ready to deliver it to anyone or any group.  That people will flock to your product and business.  It’s important to know what is and what is not working in your company.  Finally, be the leader and make those tough decisions and do it now.